Preserve the beauty of your skin! MASSADA & YELLOW ROSE numerous salon concepts allow personalised face care for every need, skin type or age. 

- Pearls with botox effect  : provides luminosity , moister and youthfulness to the skin.
- Hyaluronic acid : lifting treatment designed to combat the skin aging process.
- Regeneration : reduce the depth of wrinkles and restore firmness.
- Caviar : pure luxury that instantly reaffirms the skin improving its tone and texture. 

- Caviar and marine DNA : moisturizes, nourishes and helps the skin regain its natural elasticity and radiance.
- Cellular eye contour : advanced antiaging treatment for the delicate and stressed eye contour area.
- Golden line face : improves skin elasticity , rejuvenates and leaves a silky smooth bright skin.
- Skin Relaxant : reduces expression lines, increases the elasticity and stimulates natural collagen biosyntesis. 


Indulge yourself  in a stress-relieving experience for an ultimately satisfying result. 

- Minceur intensive treatment : helps achieve a perfect silhouette by attacking fat and embedded cellulite.
- Revolution treatment : detoxifies the body and reaffirm skin tissue. 
- Postpartum treatment : helps to regain body shape after pregnancy.
- Coffee Therapy : helps to lose 8 cm in 5 sessions by eliminating cellulite.


We offer a large variety of services :
- Manicure
- Pedicure
- polish 
- Acrylic
- Gel