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intensive makeup course by fady kataya in lebanon


April 15 - 19

Time: 12 - 5 pm

Price: 1350$

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Intensive Makeup Course for Beginners


Embark on your makeup journey with our Beginner’s Program! Learn the basics of skincare, foundation application, and essential techniques. Our step-by-step tutorials and hands-on practice will empower you to master the art of makeup, even if you’re starting from scratch. Get ready to discover the beauty within!

3 Day
Glam / Red Carpet course

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Pro Glam & Red Carpet Makeup


Step into the spotlight at our Glam Makeup and Red Carpet Academy! Elevate your skills to create show-stopping looks that dazzle on any occasion. From bold eyeshadows to flawless contours, our expert-led courses will teach you the art of glamorous makeup fit for the red carpet. Unleash your inner artist and perfect the techniques that transform everyday beauty into Hollywood glamour. Join us and shine bright with confidence and sophistication!

3 Day
Pro Bridal course

Pro Bridal Makeup Academy


Welcome to our Bridal Makeup Academy, where we specialize in crafting timeless and exquisite bridal looks. Dive into the world of bridal techniques as we guide you through the art of creating stunning, long-lasting makeup for that special day. From flawless skin to accentuating features, our comprehensive courses ensure you become a master in enhancing the beauty of brides, making every moment picture-perfect. Join us in celebrating the artistry of bridal makeup!

Become a professional makeup artist

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Welcome to the academy

get ready to become a professional makeup artist!

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Trending Makeup look by Fady Kataya
Welcome to the Beginner Academy
 for Makeup!

• Explore the art of makeup through our comprehensive courses.
• Learn fundamental techniques for a flawless makeup application
• Discover essential tools and products
• Dive into color theory and understand how to choose the right shades
• Gain confidence in creating everyday and special occasion looks
• Embrace the world of beauty and express your unique style with makeup

Nancy Ajram makeup by Fady Kataya
  • Master the fundamentals: From foundation blending to contouring, build a strong base for glamorous makeup.
  • Statement eyes: Learn intricate eye makeup techniques, including smoky eyes, cut creases, and bold liners.
  • Luxe lips: Perfect your pout with techniques for creating bold, soft, and ombre lip looks.
  • Special occasion glam: Elevate your skills for weddings, parties, and events, ensuring your clients steal the spotlight.
  • Trendspotting: Stay ahead of the curve with insights into the latest glamorous makeup trends and styles.
  • Hands-on practice: Put theory into action with practical sessions, guided by experienced professionals.
  • Kit essentials: Understand the must-have products and tools for achieving a flawless glamorous makeup look.
Bridal photoshoot by Fady Kataya
  • Bridal beauty basics: Master the art of creating a timeless and radiant bridal makeup look.
  • Skin preparation: Learn essential skincare routines to ensure a flawless canvas for the bride on her big day.
  • Customization: Understand the importance of tailoring makeup to individual brides, considering their features and preferences.
  • Long-lasting techniques: Discover tips and tricks for ensuring the bride’s makeup stays fresh and vibrant throughout the ceremony and reception.
  • Bridal trends: Stay updated on the latest bridal makeup trends, incorporating modern styles while respecting classic elegance.
  • Bridal trials: Develop effective communication skills to understand and deliver on the bride’s vision during pre-wedding makeup trials.
  • Business insights: Gain knowledge on starting and managing a successful bridal makeup business, including client consultations and building a portfolio.