"  Be your own FASHIONISTA,

      but avoid being your own VICTIM.  " 
                            - Fady Kataya -


Fady Kataya

Is an artist par excellence. 

Born in Lebanon in 1973, he always had a keen eye and an innate appreciation for the world of beauty.
In his early twenties, he completed a degree in Makeup & Tattoo at the YWCA College and began working behind-the-scenes, mainly in TV and theater shows.

Early beginning

Notable among the early productions, he took part of a play portraying the life of Jobran Khalil Jobran.

Such huge productions helped Fady grow his makeup skills and lifted his experience level in no time. 
He then spent eight years of his career as the Head of the Makeup Section in one of the most famous hair salons in the region.

Biggest Dream

After having gained enough experience and credibility as a makeup artist, FADY finally achieved his biggest dream yet, and opened the Fady Kataya Beauty Lounge.
Frequented by some of the region’s most popular celebrities, the Beauty Lounge offers an exhaustive list of treatments and services, handled by a team of professional artists.

Natural Beauty

Always looking forward, FADY has been progressive and sometimes even en avant-garde in the way he has dealt with the beauty industry. 
In 2011, he was one of the three makeup artists who participated in the “Together For Natural Beauty” campaign, which promoted a positive self-image and spread awareness about the essence of true beauty. More recently, he launched a series of makeup workshops for both personal and professional training which he now offers throughout the Middle East, Gulf and North Africa.